New Mexico Elk

We offer both Private Land and Limited Draw Elk hunts in New Mexico

Rifle & Muzzle-loader: October - December
Bow: September


High Quality Limited Draw Arizona Archery Elk

The white mountains of Arizona is world famous for some of the biggest trophy bull Elk anywhere! This archery hunt takes place in the peak of the rut  with the average bulls scoring 340 P/Y and opportunities on bulls up to 400.


World-class New Mexico Private Land Rifle Elk

OUR PRIVATE LAND RIFLE ELK HUNTS ARE KNOWN FOR SOME OF THE BIGGEST BULLS IN THE USA. We have 100,000 acres of private land to conduct these hunts on behind locked gates 100% fair chase no high fences. We have a 300 SCI minimum on these hunts.

SUCCESS RATE: Last 5 years we have averaged an 85% kill ratio this does not include misses or wounded bulls!

BULL QUALITY: The genetics in our area will not be surpassed anywhere. If your looking for a good mature bull we've got them, most bulls will score between 310 B/C & 350 B/C our top rifle bull last year grossed 387!

HUNTING TECHNIQUES: In October the bulls will be bugling some it will be the tail end of the rut. We have great rifle country you can glass bulls up, thats why our success rate is so high no matter whats going on we can allways find bulls. We do alot of glassing until we find the bull we want then we plan our stalk.

GUIDING: Our guides are local to this area and they know these ranches. These guide's know what a big bull is and know how to hunt them . We spend 4 months each year guiding elk hunters.

ACCOMMODATIONS: Nice lodge, private rooms, new barn with walkin cooler meat proccessing & fulltime cook, excellent meals!

HUNT DATES: On our rifle elk hunts we can hunt any five consecutive days from October 24thth to December 31st thats right you can customize your hunt to fit your schedule is that awsome or what!!

SERVICES: Other services we provide that do require an addtional fee. Hale's Wildlife taxidermy can provide you with an high quality  mount. Meat proccessing and shipping is also available.


High-quality Arizona Limited Draw Rifle Elk

ARIZONA OFFERS GREAT OPPORTUNITIES FOR TROPHY BULLS. The White Mnts. of Arizona are famous for producing huge bulls and that is where we hunt.

BULL QUALITY: Excellent ! The big ones come out of the deep woods on this hunt. Most bulls taken will score between 310 and 350 B/C, all though every year we will take several 370 plus.

ELK POPULATION: We have great elk numbers and our bull cow ratio is high. Country is very glassible we will find and kill bulls on this hunt.

HUNTING TECHNIQUES: The rifle hunt catches the tail end of the rut some bugling still going on, We will do a lot of glassing to find the bull that we want then plan our stalk.

SUCCESS RATIO: 90% most years if you hunt hard you will get opportunities at good bulls.

TERRAIN: Mountains and canyons, Pine into Juniper country. Elevations from 6500 to 8000 ft levels, Temperatures fron 20 to 65 degrees.

ACCOMMODATIONS: Lodge or first class wall tent camps depending on area drawn. Full time cook excellent meals, We may spike it out if the bull are deep!

HUNT DATES:  Arizona offers an early season with just a few tags usually in early October. Our best hunt is the late season usually the last week in November.


World-class New Mexico Private Land Muzzleloader Elk

SOME OF OUR BIGGEST BULLS ARE TAKEN EVERY YEAR WITH A MUZZLELOADER . In New Mexico we can start hunting a week earlier with a muzzleloader than you can with a rifle which gives you some great opportunities at trophy bulls. This hunt has a 300 SCI MIN.

BULL QUALITY: Some of our top muzzleloader bulls have scored 407,405 ,398 and so on but realistically you can expect to take bulls scoring between 310 B/C & 350 B/C . In 2007 our biggest bull scored 375 and we enjoyed a 85% success kill ratio.

HUNTING TECHNIQUES: This hunt takes place at the tail end of the rut , the bulls are generally still bugling so we locate them with a call or glass them up then stalk in on them for the kill. Waterholes also work great in the evenings.

TERRAIN: Pinon pine and juniper country a lot of it is really open and glassable, lots of elk, we can always find bulls! Elevations from 6500 ft to 7000 ft & temperatures from teens at night to mid 60's in the day time.

ACCOMMODATIONS: Nice lodge, private rooms, new barn with walkin cooler, meat proccessing & fulltime cook with excellent meals.

GUIDING: We have been specializing in primitive weapon hunts since 1981 no one does it better and has more knowledge than us. The crew from black powder guns & hunting hunt with us almost every year, so were on it!!


OCTOBER 10-14 strong>The first hunt after archery season, bulls are still bugling this is a great date to take a trophy bull with a muzzleloader!


SERVICES: Other services we provide that do require an additonal fee , Hale's Wildlife Taxidermy can provide you with a high quality mount. Meat proccessing & shipping is also available.


World-class Private Land New Mexico Archery Elk

THIS IS OUR # 1 ARCHERY ELK HUNT: We have taken too many P/Y bulls to mention. Most years we will take several bulls over 350 P/Y and allways some 370 or better . Our success rate was over a 50% kill & 90% shooting opportunities. We enforce a 300 p/y minimum on this hunt no reason to shoot a small one!

BULL QUALITY: The genetics in our area will not be surpassed anywhere. If your truly looking for a trophy bull this is a great hunt. 100% fair chase no high fences

HUNTING METHODS: In the mornings we are calling by way of bugling or cow calf talk. Afternoons were usually setting in double bull ground blinds over one of our 15 waterholes or wallows.

TERRAIN: Rolling pine, parks into some juniper country.You can glass the country and find elk. Elevations of 7,000 to 8,000 ft with temperatures of 25 to 70 degres.

ACCOMMODATIONS: Nice lodge, private rooms, new barn with walkin cooler meat proccessing & fulltime cook with excellent meals!

GUIDING: Our guides are first class they all archery hunt them selves so they know what it takes to get it done.


HUNT # 1 September 1- 6 The waterholes are usually hot on this date pre rut but if your into setting ground blinds it's a great time to be there.

HUNT # 2 September 10-15 The bulls are moving, they are looking for cows, and starting to establish thier herds. Locating single bulls gives you some great opportunities to call them in, My personal favorite time frame.

HUNT # 3: SEPTEMBER 19-24 Bulls are usually in full rut at this time, lots of bugling action, its an exciting time to be in the woods. The waterholes and wallows are also getting hit from hot rutting bulls!


New Mexico High-quality Limited Draw Rifle/Muzzleloader Elk

WE SPECIALIZE IN TROPHY MUZZLELOADER ELK HUNTS: We have been guiding muzzleloader and rifle hunts since 1981. We feel that we have built a reputation taking hugh bulls with a muzzleloader. The crew from Black Powder Guns and Hunting TV Show, hunt with us most every year. We are up on the latest technology and equipment for muzzleloader hunting.

BULL QUALITY: You can realistically expect to take bulls ranging from 300 to 350 B/C. Although, every year we do take at least 2 or more over 370. Our top bull taken in 2007' scored 375 B/C.

SUCCESS RATIO: In 2007' we averaged an 85% success ratio with near 100% shooting opportunity.

ELK POPULATION: The areas that we will apply you for have a lot of elk with a high bull - cow ratio. You will see elk on this hunt!

HUNTING TECHNIQUES: In October the bulls will still be in rut. We will be calling by bugling or cow calf talk. Our country is glassable so no matter what is going on we will find elk. We will be using 4x4 trucks to glass the area and then go a foot. If bulls are deep sometimes we will go in to spike camps.

TERRAIN: Rolling pinion pine and juniper country with some meadows, with elevations from 6,500 to 8,000 foot level. Temperatures should range from the 20's to the 60's. On a physical scale from 1 to 10, I would rate this country about a 5.

ACCOMMODATIONS: Lodge or first class wall tent camps, depending on the area drawn. Both would include full-time cook, showers, excellent meals.

GUIDING: Our guides are local to the area and have a lot of experience with muzzleloaders and muzzleloader hunting. These are true professional guides.

SERVICES PROVIDED NOT INCLUDED IN COST OF HUNT: Meat processing and shipping is available upon request. Hale's Wildlife Taxidermy can provide you with a high quality big game mount.

New Mexico Quality Archery Limited Draw Elk

TROPHY OUTFITTERS SPECIALIZES IN HIGH QUALITY ARCHERY ELK HUNTS. When we apply you to a hunt area rest assured that its a high quality unit with a high success ratio.

AREA HUNTED: We mainly hunt the Gila area of New Mexico  generally western New Mexico and the White Mountains in Arizona, this area is known to hold some of the biggest bulls in the US. Reasonable to expect to take bulls from 300 P/Y to 390.

DRAW ODDS: We have been averaging about 50% success in drawing tags, so if you give me a couple of years I can usually get you a tag.

ELK POPULATION: Great we have alot of elk and our bull to cow ratio is good.

TERRAIN: Mountains to rolling pinion pine, juniper country with some parks and meadows. It is beautiful country with altitudes from 6,500 to 8,000 ft. On a physical scale from 1 to 10 I would rate it a 5 or 6. Temperatures range from 30 to 70 in September.

HUNTING METHODS: We will go by foot and 4x4's, sometimes  we will pack in horseback to a spike camp if the bulls are deep. Methods would include calling, stalking, tree stands or ground blinds over waterholes or wallows. Shooting opportunities from 10 to 50 yards.

SUCCESS RATIO: We have been averaging over a 50% kill ratio for 5 years running on 100% shooting opportunities.

ACCOMMODATIONS: Lodge or first class wall tent camp, full time cook and showers! (note: We may spike it out if your willing and the bulls are deep.)




LICENSE FEE : $781 {note all New Mexico hunts will be charged a 5% sales tax.}

Trophy Elk 340 SCI Minimum

We have designated some of our  trophy ranches  to those hunters that are only looking for a huge bull! These ranches consitantly produce 340 to 390 Bulls.

We only have a very limited number of these tags available for Archery and rifle each year so if your looking for that bull of a lifetime it is worth the extra $ !!

Before trying to book one of these call Van personally to get all the details - (928) 587-3799


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