Trophy Cougar Hunting is one of the most exciting and thrilling hunting experiences that you will ever go on! Taking you into some of the most remote and scenic wilderness left today. It is accomplished by the use of highly trained hound dogs with big game bloodlines dating back 100 years.  We ride horseback or walk, helping the dogs while they trail the elusive mountain lion throughout his previous nights hunt, to where he is laid up on his kill or waiting the daylight hours out on some mountainous boulder or ledge.  We realize that most hunters only take one cougar in their lifetime.  That is why a 100-percent effort  is put forth to  make your cougar hunt a success and an enjoyable lifetime memory.


Cougar Quality - Excellent, we take toms up to 200Ibs.  and over 8 feet.  The average would be 140 Ibs.  7 feet in length.

Cougar Quantity - Excellent, there are a lot of lion in New Mexico and Arizona.

Success Ratio - 90% most years.

Hunt Method - January thru March with snow conditions, 4 wheel drive, 4 wheelers.   April dry ground conditions, horseback, 4 wheel drive, foot.

Hunt Accomodations - First class lodge, private cabins, all meals included.

Terrain -  Mountain snow, canyons, rim rock.  You need to be in good shape for the snow hunt and moderate shape for the dry ground hunt.

License fee - $290.00

HUNT DATES January to April 7 hunting days

Ready to pull the trigger?

Van and his team are ready to get you ready for a hunt you'll never forget!