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Bear hunting the  way it was done a hundred years ago,  with hounds and some grit!.

  This kind of hunting really gets your blood up and takes you back to hunting in its purest form like it is supposed to be done , Not sitting over some bait pile.

 I can garentee you an hunting esperance that you will never forget ,  as we take you through some of the most remote and scenic country in the southwest.

 We have some huge bears! Infact we just took the pending New Mexico State record Bear this year, what a monster with a score of 22 5/16 Bear was over 20 years old so that tells you of our quality!

HOUND HUNT: We take you into the remote Gila wilderness after trophy bears with hounds. You will learn to navigate through wildness canyons and mountains in persut of the trophy bears, as the hounds trail and bay these big brutes, it will then be up to you to get in there  and claim your trophy just like the mountain men and all the famous hunters did 100 years ago , You will feel this rush and adrenaline packed action and most call it a hunt of a lifetime . I know I do and every hunt is an adventure!

THE SPOT AND STALK TROPHY BEAR HUNT: For those of you that are not into horses or hounds but want to take a trophy bear in true form, We have some excllent areas that we glass thes big bears up and put the stalk on them . This season we boast a 100 % success ratio and some really big bears!


LOCATION : Private and public lands southwest NM and eastern AZ


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