Buy Arizona and New Mexico Hunting Licenses and Tags

Arizona and New Mexico are the leaders in setting aside special limited draw trophy areas for big game. With limited hunting pressure, these animals can mature to their full trophy potential.

With this in mind, and the high cost of private land hunts, we are offering the best of these limited draw hunts to you through our professional licensing service. With our program, we do all the work. We'll submit the applications for you at no charge yearly. That's right - we will apply for you each year until you draw the tag or tell us to quit.

Each year after the individual states have completed the draw process your notification of a successful or unsuccessful permit will be sent to you. The license fee that is refunded to Trophy Systems will be deposited into a bonded, insured pool account. The monies are held and maintained for the following years draw.

As the new proclamations and license fees are released by each state, your application will be reviewed and you will be updated as to which hunts and hunt areas are the best for you to apply for in the coming year. Any further monies due from changes to license fees will also be billed at this time.

Contract for Consulting Application
I certify that the statements on this application are true and correct and hereby authorize any involved State Wildlife Department to make further inquiries to verify these statements. I understand the rules of eligibility for application for licenses and permits. I am eligible for the license(s) or permit(s) applied for and I will not apply for same hunts I instructed NATS to apply for me. In contractual agreement with NATS.

Limited Power of Attorney with Durable Provision
TO ALL PERSONS, be it known, that the above named application, (GRANTOR) does hereby make and grant limited power of attorney to Van Hale and/or North American Trophy Systems and does there upon constitute and appoint said individual as my attorney-in-fact and registered agent. My attorney-in-fact shall have limited powers and authority to do and undertake such acts as herein described on my behalf that I could do personally, with full poser substitution and revocation. Granted are the powers to execute such special hunt license applications, licenses, and endorsement of such license funds. My attorney-in-fact hereby accepts this appointment subject to its terms and agrees to act and perform in said fiduciary capacity consistent with my best interests as he, his best discretion, deem advisable and I affirm and ratify all acts so undertaken. This power-of-attorney shall be revoked by disability of the Grantor and shall otherwise continue in full force and effect until revoked by subsequent writing.